Ashna Pathan is a professional composer, producer, and recording engineer who is known for the wide range and depth of musical projects she has been involved in. She was recently selected as the 2021 Television Academy Foundation Music Fellow for her excellence in film scoring, and currently works for the composer, Michael Levine.


Earlier this year, she won a $5,000 Career Development Grant from the Peabody Conservatory to write, workshop, and produce an original musical which will be premiering in the Baltimore area in mid-2022. She is also currently producing the debut album of Broadway actress, Elizabeth Teeter, and mixing new tracks for the jazz combo, "Okay Dad." She recently finished scoring the short film, “Man-Brows,” which was written and directed by her Television Academy Foundation colleague, Rohan Srinivasan and will be making its festival rounds later this year.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashna made a name for herself organizing, mixing, and mastering various virtual ensemble projects, earning her features in CBS News and the Baltimore Sun. She also interned with the production library, Mpath Music, and received scholarships to participate in the NYU Film Scoring Workshop and the NYU/BMI Television Scoring Workshop. Ashna was accepted into the first class of the Peabody Conservatory’s Music for New Media program and will graduate in 2022 with a minor in musicology.